I finally got a new camera! Pet photo shoot

You might know that I’ve been looking for a new camera for a while! Well I finally got one. So when I went for my step dad’s birthday I gave my animals a little photo shoot to see how it looked. They all just looked so cute I couldn’t help but share them with you.

DSCF0578 DSCF0579 DSCF0580 DSCF0594

This is my cat Charlie he is such a cutie but soooo grumpy. He certainly knows how to pose. As soon as you point a camera at him he just starts posing it’s adorable. No one is brave enough to cuddle him though or they know he will bite them haha! Except kids he’s great with kids.

DSCF0509 DSCF0500 DSCF0530 Layla

This is layla. These pictures make me laugh so much the way she is sat she looks HUGE but she’s actually not that big at all. She used to live with my neighbours but she just decided that she didn’t like there because they work away alot so she just moved herself in with us about 4 years ago. She’s stayed ever since and won’t even go in the neighbours garden haha. But she’s such a little cutie aswell and sooo sweet she follows my step dad wherever he goes. He keeps pigeons and she follows him up to the pigeon loft and sits there and waits for him. The pigeons don’t even care about her anymore.

DSCF0412 DSCF0366 DSCF0406DSCF0354

This is my little baby Candy she’s sooo sweet and lovely. She’s my mums shadow. She whines so bad if my mum even goes to the toilet and leaves her down stairs. Everyone thinks she’s a puppy still because she is so small but she’s actually about 11 now. Again she’s a poser she knows what to do when I point a camera at her!

They’re all so cute. I just wish they could live with me! N’s OCD means we can’t have a pet as it would drive him insane. He said maybe a cat but living on a busy main road I won’t have one. I’d be to scared to let it out the house. I hope you guys like this random little post. And I am in love with my new camera too so you can expect hopefully some better quality pictures soon!

XO Becky


6 thoughts on “I finally got a new camera! Pet photo shoot

      1. I wish I could to haha. But my parents take real good care off them! You wouldn’t want Charlie he may be cute but he’s horrible haha. You can’t stroke him without being bitten but occasionally he will rub against your hand and that’s the closet to stroking him it gets haha. x

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