Elf Haul #2

Hello Beauties.

Here’s my 2nd elf haul.

So I wanted to see if they had the new stuff up on the website yet….. I ended up placing another order oopsie!! In my defence 43 products for £20 is a blooming bargain and I can’t resist a good bargain. Incase you couldn’t guess by the amount of things I got I went a little crazy.

The first things I got were some more of the custom eyes eyeshadow. Before I tell you how many I bought I would like to point out the fact that they were only 25p.

Periwinkle (2) Periwinkle

I got the shades Periwinkle, Sage and Wheat (swatched in part 1). So I thought the best thing I could do was buy 8 of each! Ok I know that’s a bit excessive but in my defence I will be giving some away as birthday presents. So I think it was a good purchase.

Shadow Stick (2) Shadow Stick

Next was there jumbo eyeshadow stick in the shade like a boss. I bought this because in a Latest in beauty box I got a kiko eyeshadow stick. I love easy and quick makeup so I got this in the hope it will be the same. It is such a creamy formula. I can’t wait to try this out but it’s not the sort of colour I would wear on a daily basis.

Purple Shadow Purple Powder


 The next thing I got was the pigment eyeshadow in Passionate purple and Tropical teal . So I have a slight obsession with anything purple so when I saw this on the website and super cheap I caved and got it. The colour is beautiful. The teal is super pigmented and such a beautiful colour.

Royal 2 Royal

Shockingly I got another eyeshadow. I got it in the shade Royal which I am now obsessed with. It is such a gorgeous shade.

Glitter Shadow Glitter Shadow 2

Oh look at this there’s another eyeshadow! So this is the glitter eyeshadow in Beachy Chic. It is insanely pigmented and it is beautiful.

diva swatch diva 2

The next thing I got was the HD Blush in the shade Diva. Ok so this is insane. The swatch below was done with the tiniest dot of product. I haven’t been brave enough to use this on my face yet. The pigmentation is insane. It stained my hand so bad. I washed it off and did the washing up and still had a pink streak on my hand.

Heart Breaker Seductress

Heart breaker swatch Seductress (2)

I then ordered 2 of the cream blushes. I ordered the shades Heartbreaker (L) and Seductress (R). I’m loving heartbreaker I’ve been using it everyday since I got this. Heartbreaker (L) is alot lighter than Seductress (R). I’m loving this so much.

plum Plum swatch

Incase you couldn’t tell I like blushes aswell. This is the Mineral Blush in Plum. On the elf website it looked a lot darker and more plum colour than it actually is in fact it’s not really plum at all. It’s a really earthy pink colour. When I got this the plan was to use it as an eyeshadow.

Copper Champagne Purple Passion Passion Pink Party Peach Golden Goddess Liquid MetalFairy Dust

Being nail obsessed like I am I can’t resist I good nail bargain either. So when I saw they had the nail varnishes for 50p well I thought I should invest in it. I got 8 shades (L-R) Copper, Champagne, Purple Passion, Passion Pink, Party Peach, Golden Goddess, Liquid Metal and Fairy Drops. You can expect plenty of manicure Mondays with these.

So that’s the end of my Elf haul, I hope you guys didn’t get to bored with it. I can’t wait to try these all out properly over the next couple of weeks. Most of all I can’t wait for the website to hurry up and be reloaded so that I can get my hands on more. There is still a few bits left on the website if anyone is interested but there isn’t a great deal left.

XO Becky


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