ELF Glitter Eyeshadow – Beachy Chic

If you guys read my elf haul you will have seen this Elf glitter eyeshadow in beachy chic. As I said in my Smudge pot review blue really isn’t my usual colour. When I saw this on the elf website sale I couldn’t resist the colour is truly gorgeous and I’m a glitter kind of girl.
Glitter Shadow

The pigmentation on this shadow is good and the colour is gorgeous although the glitter does fall out of the colour and causes a lot of fall out. The texture of the eyeshadow is very smooth and very soft but not so soft it all falls apart when you touch it.

Glitter Shadow 2
Beachy Chic

The way I prefer to wear this is over my elf smudge pot to just give it a more intense look and shine it makes it look almost metallic look. This would make and amazing stand out eyeshadow or even an eyeliner. The colour is beautiful and it is super summery. The price of this is super cheap and the quality is well worth the money.

glitter over smudge
Beachy Chic over Ocean Bound Smudge Pot.

XO Becky


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