Eye of Horus Eyeliner – Goddess Smokey

I know some people moan about getting eye-liners in beauty boxes but for me eye-liner is a must! If I leave the house with no eye-liner on no matter how long I’ve been awake people always assume that I’ve just woke up. So when I saw this coming in one of my LIB boxes I was pretty happy. It did say shades my vary but I got the bog standard black colour! PERFECT!


It is a perfect intense black colour. It comes with a smudger on one side and the eye-liner on the other. This works brilliantly on the waterline and tight line but it also sits perfectly on the upper lash line and it smudges out brilliantly. I love using this on simple make up days I just apply a neutral matte colour and a little bit of this on my waterline and a little on my upper lash line and smudge it out and apply a bit of mascara and it gives such a nice look. You can smudge this out and make it look almost grey so it’s less intense or just do a very gentle smudge to keep it looking black and intense. The pigmentation is incredible it is one the blackest black eye-liner I’ve ever tried and trust me I’ve tried a few! I love how this can help you achieve such a flawless smokey look so easily! It last for hours even in the waterline. It stays put throughout my entire day! Not to be depressing but I wore this to a funeral a few weeks ago and at the end of the long day I got home looked in the mirror to take my make up off and it was still in my waterline! Anything that can withstand that much crying is good in my books! All in all I’m so impressed with this and I recommend it if you’ve got a spare £14.48 to spend on an eyeliner or just look out for it in a subscription box.

XO Becky


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