Elf Eyeshadow – Passionate Purple

My love for purple never stops! So in my little Elf haul you may have seen this eyeshadow in the shade Passionate purple. I love anything purple so this was a must have. The colour on it’s own is not as bright and vibrant as it looks in the pot. But as I mentioned in my smudge pot review I’ve been loving using it as a base to make other shadows more vibrant. This shadow is no exception. Layering this on top of my the smudge pot give it the most gorgeous metallic shine. In the pictures below the top swatch is of the shadow over the smudge pot and the bottom is the shadow on it’s own.

 purple pigment eyeshadow  Purple Shadow

On it’s own it can be a little patchy and the pigmentation doesn’t seem that great but layer this over the smudge pot and it is gorgeous! It stays put all day and gets so many compliments. This would also work as a bright eyeliner for just a pop of colour. The shadow does feel very smooth and applies easily to the eye. At first I didn’t love this shadow because as I said the colour on it’s own isn’t amazing. But layering this on top of a bright base makes a gorgeous colour.

XO Becky


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