Elf Cream Blush – Heartbreaker

Yes it’s another Elf product. I did get rather alot from the Elf website in the sale!

I got the cream blush in the shade Heartbreaker. I usually apply this with my fingers to my cheeks then use a brush to blend it out. The pigmentation on this is amazing! It lasts most of the day just fading a little by the end of the day.

heartbreaker cream blush (2)It applies so easily to the skin and can be blending out to a nice subtle flush of colour. It can be quite a strong colour if that’s what you prefer. The pigmentation on this is amazing! I’ve been really enjoying using this and loving the colour and how the colour can be blended to a lighter colour. It has a strange texture to it and it almost feels like it’s going to bunch up under your fingers. I would say it feels more like a mousse texture than a cream. But it really is a lovely product!

I’ve been trying to keep my posts a little shorter (I have a habit of rambling). I hope you guys like this!

XO Becky


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