Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet – 10 Don’t Pink Of It

When you get a beauty box you always take the risk of not getting a shade that suits you or that you actually like. However every time I’ve ordered from latest in beauty the shades I’ve received in everything have been beautiful. Even if I’m not sure to start with I love it after trying it. It’s like they know me better than me!!
bourjois lipstickIMG_0413

I got this in 10 Don’t pink about it. This is what I call an old school pink. It’s a gorgeous dusty pink colour. It reminds me of the lipstick my nan has always worn which to be honest did put me off a bit a first. My mum only owns 1 lipstick the same lipstick as my nan. Because this colour looks awesome on our pale skin tone. I have had so many complements on how nice this looks on me. The first time I applied this it confused me to say the least. The texture is the strangest thing… I was expecting a lip gloss kind of texture. But it feels weird is the only way I can describe it. When it dries onto the lips it feels almost powdery but soft at the same time. It dries to a matt texture. and It is described as “a new era of lipstick” so a liquid lipstick to most people. The colour lasts such a long time. I wear this to work all the time and it lasts such a long time. While at work I eat and drink and although it does fade a little I find it almost stains the lips. By the end of the day it has faded alot but there is still colour on your lips. It just makes it look like your lips are naturally more coloured than they are which I love. I don’t reapply this at all on a normal day. If I’m out for a long day then I will reapply it. It can be difficult to get a clean line around the lips with the applicator. But when you do it’s gorgeous. I recommend this for the lazy make up girls like me who can’t be bothered to reapply alot during the day.

XO Becky



george concealer

george concealerDSCF2153

It’s ok to buy makeup on your food shop right? Yes? Ok then!!

I popped off to asda to get my food shopping and after hearing from Miss Budget Beauty that asda have their own makeup line I looked it up online and well I decided that I should try some out. So I got the super boost concealer in light. The colour is very pale and almost has a peachy tone to it. It is quiet a thin consistency and easily blendable. The coverage on this isn’t amazing but it is great for the days when you don’t need to much but still need a little something to brighten those under eyes. It sits under the eye nicely and doesn’t crease or settle into and fine lines you may have. It also makes a good primer for your eyeshadows. A little does go a long way with this. I don’t recommend using this on blemishes though as it doesn’t really cover them very well. It comes with an applicator like most concealers do nowadays. The smell is really nice it’s fruity but not to strong. It contains pomergranete, apple and papaya aswell as being mineral enriched. This was definitely a pleasant surprise on how much I like this given it was £3 when I got it. This would be perfect for people only looking for a light coverage concealer which is me most of the time.

XO Becky

Don’t let anyone walk over you

This is a little different from my normal posts! But yesterday I walked out of my job and I feel bloody good about it! I’d been in my job for nearly 2 years when I left!

In janurary this year one of my colleagues left and went to another shop and I got to work with the guy that he replaced instead. The guy I then had to work with was my managers brother. Now to start with things were fine. Unfortunatley it didn’t take long for things to change. His attitude changed he changed and he seemed to flip to a different person! He seemed to have a real issue with my size constantly calling me fat as a “joke”. I took the calm approach and told him politely it isn’t funny you’ve hurt my feelings. He stopped….. for a week. He started again so I approached my manager/his brother. I told him I didn’t appreciate his “jokes” I didn’t find it funny and I feel like he should apologise and stop what he was doing. He apologised…. that I couldn’t take a joke. “I’m sorry…. that you can’t take a joke but thats not my fault. If you don’t like it don’t talk to me. Go talk to the owner if you want”. I didn’t want to get my manager in trouble with the owner as anytime theres a problem even if it’s not his fault he’s the one that gets in trouble for it. So I didn’t talk to him for a few weeks. Then things started again this time he got a little violent as I didn’t just take it I gave him attitude back. He slapped me a couple of times and punched my arm…. I would like to point out the fact that my dad used to be a boxer and I’m not the kind of girl to just stand there and take it. So I punched him back…. apparently he had a dead arm and moaned that it hurt. The next time he called me fat I told him do that again and I’ll knock you out. NEVER called me fat again! Just because he stopped calling me fat doesn’t mean he stopped the rest of his disgusting behaviour. He then started to tell me that because I’m a woman I should be cleaning everything and at home I should do the cooking and all the cleaning! I would like to point out that with an OCD boyfriend I “don’t clean right” so I don’t clean. He has very high cleaning standards that no-one of the other 4 people in this house can reach at all no matter how hard we try. He assumes that I should do the cooking because I’m a woman. Again my boyfriend used to be a chef and his OCD goes into everything including cooking. He is also a fussy eater and he gets home from work at 5pm I get home at 11pm. He cooks his own dinner so he’s not waiting until I get home to cook. Yes sometimes he cooks me a dinner to for when I get home but I don’t expect it nor do I demand it like he seemed to assume I did. Now what any of my private life has to do with him or my work I still don’t know. He backed down from that argument when he realised that the shop was full of customers who were all staring at him in disbelief. The woman I served after this argument was in horror at his comments. Thinking back after he threw the first slap I should have been out the door. Again raised my concerns with my bosses who spoke to him. I refused to work with him again. This all happened just before he went on holiday. He came back from holiday and we went back to our normal shifts. He came back like a different person. He was like the person who first came to my shop. So we put it all behind us and started again. Oh how wrong was I to assume he was back to normal. He started calling me lazy telling me how bad I am at my job. My manager and the owner of the shop like me for a reason. I work bloody hard and I work 6 days a week. or I should say worked! The boss is always saying how he appreciates me working so hard for him (not enough to give me a pay rise haha). I told him if he has an issue with what I do then take it up with his brother. Then I get told I shouldn’t talk to the customers. Umm hello I would like to point out that is my job! When I first started in the shop I was told that the reason they were looking for people is because the boss wanted someone english so they can talk to the customers properly. Now the bloke that left had good english but some of the people didn’t which is why they wanted someone who’s first language was english. Many customers have told me that they like the fact that I talk to them and they can have a conversation with them. Now I would like to point out that what I just said is in no way racist. It’s just the fact of how I got the job. I stopped talking to him again. The customers all moaned when I didn’t talk to them and were all really concerned about what was wrong with me. Last week another arguement happened. He walked behind the til to sweep I was sorting out the til when he came over and just grunted at me and just shouted move. I told him to say please….. He didn’t like that. We had another big argument luckily this was late at night and there were no customers in the shop. I told him to get some manners and stop talking to me like a piece of s#!t. So he got really angry at me and tried to punch me. He looked at my face and decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to touch me because he knew he’d end up worse. He started screaming at me that I have no manners because I didn’t move the second he walked behind the til and carried on doing my work. My boyfriend was not impressed when I went home and told him. He went in the shop in the morning and spoke to my manager and told him that if he didn’t sort it out he’d be back and sort it out himself. My boyfriend is not a violent or angry person so for him to get that annoyed you know that it must be bad. He told me not to go back. I wish I had listened! Yesterday I took the car to work. He came to me and told me I had to move my car. I moved my car but had to park in an awkward place as there was a van parked in the place I parked in. The customer in the van was a regular customer. So as he left I said i’ll jump in his space. He wasn’t leaving straight away so I said ok. I was talking to the customer and the guy would not stop staring at me. The customer pointed this out and asked why he was staring at me like that. I told him it’s because I was talking to him and that I wasn’t talking to the guy that I worked with. So off I went back to work. 10 minutes later he’s in the shop and shouting at me like crazy for talking to the customer and I was slagging him off to the customer. He told me to shut up and watch what I say because he doesn’t like it. So I asked what his problem was and he told me I was and he’s talking to the boss about me and telling him I’m awful. So out the door I went I got in my car and went home. I rung my boss and told him to get his ass to the shop because I wasn’t staying.

The point I’m trying to get across is that no matter what your reason for staying it’s never worth it! If someone treats you like crap then don’t let them! Don’t stay for no reason. Everything he did was classed as violence in the work place. I should have walked out after the first insults and definitely after the first violent outburst. But my BF was on an apprenticeship and we relied on my wages to pay the bills so I stuck it out. To be honest I look back now and I wonder why I worried so much. For the sake of my sanity and self confidence I would have been better just going. I’m aware that I’m classed as I plus size person. But unfortunately due to curcumstances that are beyond my control working out has not been possible lately so I have put on some weight. It is a sensitive subject for me. But it’s all MY problem not his. I tried to do things the right way but that didn’t work for me so I just left. I did worn my manager that if I had to continue working with his brother I would look for another job and I worned him if anything else happened then I was just going to leave.

I did enjoy my job until the idiot came to work in my shop. Now my boss is panicking over what to do now I’ve left. Today I switched my phone off and I’ve told him I’m not going back as I don’t have to put up with that kind of crap. I’m feeling pretty confident in myself right now. I know i’m a good worker and I know I’ll find another job. I’m ok today but tomorrow I’ll panic over how to pay the bills. Luckily my other half is now on a proper wage so it’s alot easier than it would have been a few months ago. Things may be hard until I find another job but I feel so much relief that I don’t have to go back there again and I don’t have to put up with that rubbish anymore. Unfortunately that is my local shop so I can’t walk to the shop anymore but it’s ok.

I hope you guys don’t mind this post I just needed to get this out my system and to tell everyone DON’T put up with it it’s not worth it!

XO Becky

Dove Youthful Vitality Shampoo & Conditioner

Hello Beauties

I hold my hands up I’m a shampoo snob! In my bathroom you’ll always find some kind of TIGI shampoo and conditioner rarely will you find anything “drugstore”.


I’m not opposed to trying new stuff so I when I got the Dove youthful vitality shampoo and conditioner in not 1 but 2 beauty boxes I thought i’d try them out. Plus I promised N I would do my very best to try and use up all the stuff I got in my beauty boxes already. These are aimed at ageing hair which at 23 I can honestly say has never been a concern of mine. However it claims to replace the essential nurtients that the hair loses with age, having just bleach the hell out of my hair I thought this would be good. I took these away with me for my weekend away. Knowing I’d be out in the sun I wanted something to help keep it in good condition. These made my hair feel so soft and smooth. The boyfriend has very frizzy hair and he enjoyed using these as they actually helped control the frizz a bit. The shampoo left my hair feeling clean and moisturised still. The conditioner made my hair feel amazing like there isn’t any bleach on it. They wash out of the hair so easily and doesn’t leave any product behind. It doesn’t take 10 minutes to wash the conditioner out completely like some drugstore shampoos do. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I actually liked this. I love trying new stuff but drugstore shampoo and conditioner has never been one of them. However I would use this again and at the price for it I think it’s a bargain. To buy a full 250ml size of this normally £5.99 but it is currently on offer on boots and superdrug. The price isn’t to bad anyway but if you can get it on sale why not right? For now I’m still using my TIGI shampoo which I love and so does the boyfriend (because it smells like caramel *drool*). But when I run out I would have no issue using this shampoo instead which for a self confessed shampoo snob is a rather big deal haha!

XO Becky

Elf Smudge Pot

As you guys know if you read my ELF Haul I got one of the smudge pots. I got it in the shade ocean bound. Which is a deep blue shade which isn’t something I usually go for. But given all the hype around the smudge pots I decided to get it anyway and see if it really lived up to the hype. 
Smudge Pot

The smudge pot is a cream shadow which claims to be long-lasting. As I said the blue really isn’t my usual sort of colour. But I have to say I’m so impressed with this. The colour is nice but I found it worked brilliantly as a base for other shadows. The staying power of these is incredible. I used this a few times on holiday and was so impressed by it. You know those days you come home knackered and you just crash out. Well I did that on holiday and when I woke up the next morning the eyeshadow I put on 24 hours before was still perfectly intact. I know how bad it is to sleep with your make up on so you don’t need to tell me off. But can we all appreciate how good the staying power is. I use this as a base for other eyeshadows and it makes them pop. I used this with a couple of my other ELF shadows and it looks incredible. It is easily blended and the pigmentation of the smudge pot is incredible. I cannot wait for ELF to come back to the UK so I can try some more of these in different colours that I will use on a more regular basis. But I think if you are going out for a long day or night then these would be a brilliant choice to use. If you get the chance to try any of these then I recommend you do. I’, already eyeing up the other colour I want in this.

XO Becky

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

Oh how good it feels when you find something on sale right? Even better when it’s something you already wanted and something that actually works for you. A month or so ago I went to asda and thought I better get a new foundation as my collection one had started to oxidise and it went really orange. So after alot of research on line I decided to try the Rimmel wake me up foundation.

DSCF2172wake me up foundation

I got the shade 100 ivory. I read alot of mixed reviews about this foundation. Everyone said how great the colour was but apparently the foundation contains so much glitter that it’s ridiculous. They had no tester so I just took a risk and hoped for the best. I’ll say now this does have glitter in it. When I got home and tested this on my hand I noticed that it looked like a lot of glitter. But it was to late to turn back now. I used it the next day and to be honest when it’s on the face you really don’t notice the glitter at all. The colour match is perfect for me. You can’t see a difference between my face and my neck. It is such a good match which for me has proven quite difficult to find in the past. I was so excited and even more so when I found out that they actually do an even paler shade than this! I’m sure the glitter is something to do with the wake me up part. It makes your skin look so much brighter and awake. It looks like you have had a really good nights sleep (I haven’t had one of those in a long time). The coverage I would say is medium which for me is fine as I only really use foundation to cover my redness on my cheeks and when the summer arrives it covers my freckles to. The wear time is good it lasts me a good 8 hrs but after that it does start dissapearing from around my nose and clumping together on my cheeks. This does me through work but by the time I get home it’s starting to clump. Luckily by then works gone pretty quiet. However I find this is not the best thing in the heat. I wore this out when the sun was really shining after cleaning the car (I stood N cleaned haha) it looked like it was melting off my face (20mins after I put it on). I recommend this if you are looking for a pale foundation if you want a higher coverage you may want to look at another foundation. Rimmel have so many foundations and a few different shades that you should be able to find a shade for you. On the whole I am quiet impressed with this foundation and would recommend it for those looking for a medium coverage.

XO Becky

Collective Haul

Hello Beauties.

So it was my birthday not that long ago so I decided to do a little shopping as a treat. I thought I would show you what I got.


The first thing I got was the Batiste dry shampoo in the tropical scent I’ve tried the normal one and liked it so I thought I’d try the tropical for a little change.


I got the Garnier micellar cleansing water as I’ve heard about micellar water so much lately and it was on offer at asda so I thought give it a go.

DSCF2161 DSCF2162

I was doing my weekly shop with no intention on buying any make up when I accidently walked down the make up isle. So I spotted this Rimmel Kate shadow stick in the shade Rose gold and I don’t know how but it fell in my trolley oopsie!

DSCF2165 DSCF2168

Also while in asda I saw they have they’re own make up line. I was looking for a red lip liner but got this instead. It’s the george precision lipliner in the shade 06 pretty in pink.

DSCF2177 DSCF2178

Then I spotted this Rimmel sun shimmer bronzer in light matte on offer too. What can I say I’m a girl who loves a sale!

DSCF2163 DSCF2164

I went into primark just to have a look with no intention of buying (I went in the week before and spent too much haha). But being out with a friend who is not the voice of reason the boyfriend is this happened. I got the P.S. love lipliner pencil in the shade 01 (I think).


I then picked up the Midnight Kiss rollerball. It’s alot easier to throw in my bag than a big bottle of perfume….. that’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it haha.

  DSCF2182 DSCF2183

I also got the liquid lipstick in the shade 13 red.

DSCF2186 DSCF2187

I then got the liquid lipstick in the shade 08 Berry. Because you need one in every colour avaliable right?


I got the matte long last lipstick in the shade pink fizz.


I also got the deep colour ultra shine lipstick in the shade 47.


I got this cute little make up bag to keep in my handbag to make it easier to find my stuff in my bag. It normally floats around the bottom and for £2 I think it’s money well spent.


Because I’m in love with anything butterfly related as soon as I saw this I had to get it plus I always need an alice band to keep my hair out my face while I do my make up.


I also got a floral headband. Because well I don’t know I just loved it. About 2 months ago I dyed my hair green (yes on purpose and because why not). I just felt the need to add some flowers to my hair.

DSCF2193    DSCF2194

Another unintentional purchase!! I took my friend into tk maxx. Just to show her how big the shampoo I had got was (you’ll see that in a mo). When I spotted they had alot of Wild about beauty stuff at good prices I couldn’t resist. I got the Nutrilips balm in the shade 04 Camelia.


I also got the Nutrilips gloss in the shade 03 rosy.

 DSCF2197   DSCF2200

I then spotted the eyeshadows. Which I already have 3 of so I couldn’t resist. I found the shade 01 Paradise which I fell in love with.


I then spotted this stila eyeshadow In the shade pigalle. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the beauty of this colour.


Then I found this beauty for £1 in the shade 07 Tanwen. It’s such a nice khaki kind of colour which I really love.


On the way home I popped into the hairdressing wholesalers and got some more shampoo. I got the Tigi bed head colour goddess shampoo and conditioner. These shampoos are so nice that the boyfriend is now obsessed with using them to. Plus the smell is amazing!!


I had to pick up more hair dye because it’s fading really quickly. Yes that’s right my hair is currently pink.


I then popped into superdrug just to kill some more time. I FINALLY got the make up revolution baked highlighter in the shade peach lights. I’ve been trying to get this for months but every time I go to get it it’s out of stock. I have the others and love them both so I had to get this one to complete the set right?


Then I got the rimmel BB cream radiance in very light I haven’t tried it yet or heard much about it but I figure very light has to be good for someone as pale as me right?

 That’s everything I got so I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

XO Becky